the rates are intended per person with accommodation in a double room and expressed in euros. The basic fee refers to the date of departure from Italy.

Individual quotas are valid for a minimum number of participants indicated in the detailed travel program of each individual trip.
in the absence of reaching the minimum number of participants, ELEFANTE TURISMO E VIAGGI will notify customers within 15 days before departure.

The category, usually expressed in stars, is the official one of the country where the accommodation facility is located, when the regulations in force in that country provide for it. Each country has a different evaluation criterion which does not always guarantee a level of services corresponding to the declared category. The final hotels planned for the trip will be indicated in the travel documents sent before departure. For the occupancy of a single room a supplement is required, even if the room has only one bed. In some countries there is no double bed: the double room consists of 2 single beds joined or separated. For trips abroad we do not recommend accommodation in a triple room. As In many structures, even if provided, the accommodation is an added cot or hail in a standard double room, resulting in a reduction in comfort.

It is important to use baggage tags from departure, especially at the airport at check-in, to facilitate the retrieval of baggage at destination.
Porterage is not included in the participation fee. Passengers are always responsible for their baggage. In case of transshipment from one coach to another, the passenger must indicate * to the person in charge the identification of their baggage in order to allow it to be deposited on the coach of the actual destination.
The baggage must be delivered to the person in charge of each bus (driver or companion) who will deposit it in the appropriate luggage compartment.

It is possible that, for technical reasons, due to adverse weather conditions and at times of particular tourist flow, the order of the scheduled guided tours and excursions may be changed without notice. However, the completion of all excursions and visits is guaranteed, even if in different order. The visits indicated as "guided" are carried out with the support of the local guide. The optional excursions not included in the package purchased, are organized on site and to be considered as extras.

The meals offered are sometimes a fixed menu, always of guaranteed quality and quantity. Changes to the menus are always subject to the availability of the restaurateur. For each itinerary, the treatment provided for meals is indicated. It is important to underline that catering abroad can be different from what the Italian customer is used to, without being of lower quality. We invite you to consider the gastronomic side as one of the many aspects to know in the countries you will visit, trying to taste the particularities that often turn out to be a pleasant and welcome surprise. There is no refund for meals not taken for different reasons (time change or flight delay, optional excursions, etc ...). Serious food problems such as allergies to particular types of food must be reported at the time of booking.

At the time of booking a deposit equal to 30% of the total is required.
For trips where the formula * Flight + Hotel * is provided, the balance is required 30 working days before departure.
For trips where the "Bus + Hotel" formula is provided, the balance is required 20 working days before departure. In conjunction with the booking, valid documents and health card must be presented.




Given that ELEFANTE TURISMO E VIAGGI carries out its activity in Gragnano, Via Castellammare, 59 - 80054 - Gragnano (NA )

VAT number 04239551213


the contract is governed by the following provisions and by Legislative Decree n * 206 “Consumer Code” of 6 September 2005, by Directive 90/314 / EEC. by the international conventions on the subject, and in grazing by the Brussels Convention of April 20, 1970, enforced by law December 29, 1977, n * 1004, by the Warsaw Convention of October 12, 1929 on international air transport, enforced by law of May 19 1932. n * 41. by the Berne Convention of 25 February 1961 on rail transport, enforced by law of 2 March 1963, n ° 906, as applicable to the services covered by the tourist package, as well as by the provisions on the subject of the civil code and del and other rules of international law, as they are not derogated from the provisions of this contract.


The acceptance of reservations is subject to availability and is considered completed only upon written confirmation by ELEFANTE TURISMO E VIAGGI . The information relating to the tourist package not contained in the contractual documents and in this program will be provided by the organizer in good time before the start of the trip.


Valid flight for bus travel formula. The traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract, without paying any penalty, in the following cases:

4.1 Price increases of the package indicated in the Special Conditions, in excess of 10%

4.2 Essential changes to the contract requested after the conclusion by the Organizer and not accepted by the traveler. To this end, it is specified that the traveler must notify the Organizer in writing of their choice to accept or withdraw within two working days of receiving the proposed modification. In the absence of express communication within the aforementioned term, the proposal formulated by the Organizer is considered accepted.

4.3 In the event that the traveler withdraws from the contract for reasons other than those indicated above, he will have to bear the cost of the registration fee, if any, and the following penalties for the cancellation of the services:

15% of the entire participation fee from the time of booking up to 45 working days before departure.

35% of the entire participation fee from 44 to 28 working days before departure.
50% of the entire participation fee from 27 to 11 working days before departure.
80% of the entire participation fee from 10 to 5 working days before departure (excluding Saturdays), no refunds will be made after this deadline.

NB For trips with the formula "Ship + Hotel" and "Airplane + Hotel" for cancellations up to 30 days before departure, the penalty applied will be 100%


Participants must comply with the rules of normal prudence and diligence and all administrative and legislative information relating to the tourist package. Participants will be called to respond to all damages that the organizer should suffer due to their non-compliance. The participant is required to provide the organizer with all documents, information and elements in his possession, useful so that he can exercise the right of subrogation towards third parties responsible for the damage. Each participant is fully responsible for their health.


For any dispute, the court where the organizers have their registered office will be competent, as per art. 16 of the Regional Law of 21 July 1986 concerning the "Discipline of the activities of travel and tourism agencies" published in the official bulletin of the Campania Region of 06/08/86 at n * 15 Drafting of travel programs.

Note Legali


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