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culinary experience in emilia romagna


Included services:

2 nights 3 days in Hotel 3/4 stars

Buffet breakfast included in hotel

1 visit and degustation of Balsamic Vinegar factory 1 Parmiggiano Reggiano experience

Period: All the year around


1st day Balsamic vinegar experience

After breakfast in hotel. Departure to with your own vehicle to Modena where you will visit a local factory of BALSAMIC VINEGAR. The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is produced from cooked grape must, matured by slow acidification thanks to natural fermentation and progressive concentration after a long aging process in different types of fine wood barrels, without adding any aromatic substance. This gives a bright and dark brown color, the density of which can be admired by a soft and balanced texture. During the visit there will be a tasting of balsamic vinegar, this can be done from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30


2nd day Parmiggiano Reggiano experience

After breakfast in hotel. Departure with your own vehicle to a local Parmiggiano Reggiano factory. Today we give you the opportunity to witness the production of Parmigiano Reggiano live and discover the secrets of cheese processing as well as taste the product during the gastronomic tour. The guided tours start from the production room and continue along the special corridor designed to allow you to see all the stages of the production process up close. We will continue to the pre-salting rooms, the salting room which (contains over 2,100 wheels), the hot room. We will then visit the warehouse, containing 33,570 forms of Parmigiano Reggiano, and we will see the packaging laboratory, where the forms are cut and packaged. To complete the guided tour, a gastronomic tour awaits you in the tasting room, where the different maturations of our Parmigiano Reggiano DOP will be explained and tasted, as well as other typical products selected in combination with the maturing of the cheese.

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