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culinary experience in campania


Included services:

2 nights in Hotel 4 stars

Buffet breakfast included

1 half day excursion in a local pasta factory with multimedia tour of “Valle dei Mulini”

1 light lunch in local pasta factory

1 wine tasting in Mount Vesuvio with 6 different wines

Period: All the year around


1st day Pasta degustation and multimedia tour experince

Gragnano is known as “the capital city of pasta”, this city has a long history of pasta during centuries. Pasta of Gragnano are very famous worldwide, with it’s peculiarity of bronze drawing. Going back in the centuries we can see how pasta first began to be made, and the example is in “La Valle dei Mulini” or (The Valley of the Mills) which is an authentic illustration of industrial archeology that have used the morphological characteristics of the territory for the development of the local economy over the centuries begin. Inside a dense vegetation (chestnut, alder, walnuts trees), appears the rest of water mills that were active mostly till the eighteenth century. Today we will go and visit a Pasta factory in Gragnano, at the arrive you will be introduced with a multimedia tour experience of the Valley of Mills, after we will move to the laboratory and see how pasta is made during is long process which need an desiccation before we can packet and put on market. At the end there will be a light lunch in the restaurant of the factory and you will taste how this pasta is different to the common one. Afternoon free visit of the excavation of Stabia located in Castellammare di Stabia where you can visit some remaining roman villas.


2nd day wine tasting experience on Mount Vulcan Vesuvio

Today you will enjoy some wine degustation experience Degustation of 6 different wines: - Lacryma Christi of Vesuvio DOC White, Rosato and Red, Lacryma Christi of Vesuvio DOC Red “Riserva” sigillo ceralacca vend.2012, Passito of Vesuvio and Spumante Rose’ Aglianico ”CAPAFRESCA” . Afternoon free visit of the Vulcan where you can do some tracking or visit the excavation of Pompeii

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